Flu Shot for Peace of Mind

Flu Shot for Peace of Mind

Just the other day, I read a post on one of the social networking sites I frequent that almost caused me to fall off my chair!  It basically read, “My entire family  just got their flu shot…ahhhh, such peace of mind!”  Seriously???   The entire family, meaning the grandparents, spouse, parents, cousins, grandkids and even the dog?…yup, there’s even a flu shot just for dogs!  Well, maybe not the entire family, but you get my drift…don’t ya?

I’m thinking, how can a needle stuck in anyone’s arm, with God-Only-Knows what witches potion is being pumped into their already immune stricken body, give anyone peace of mind??  Jeeze, they must sure have a lot of trust in the person who’s actually administering this unknown substance, to supposedly ‘believe’ that just because the label on the box says ‘Acme Flu Vaccine Vials for Human Use Only’, this is what must really be in the box!

Then, imagine a few days later, while serenely floating through your busy day with your new-found peace of mind, you just happen to spot a friend’s Facebook share about an FDA Recall notice, “Acme Flu Vaccine Vials Recalled.  Vials of Horse Rabies vaccine mistakenly labeled as actual flu vaccines for humans.”  OMG!!!  You think this really can’t happen?

Check out one of the FDA’s recalls Whole Foods Market recalls mislabeled soup in six states!  Soup labelled as Roasted Garlic and Eggplant was in fact Lobster Bisque! Any shell fish allergies, anyone? See?…can we really believe everything we read and everything we are told?  Look at the bright side, at least you’re protected against rabies now!

At this point, I wouldn’t even want to know the side effects I might eventually experience…all I know is I didn’t get what I paid for, and I want my money back!!! But on a more serious note, have you ever given some serious thought to what exactly are in these vaccines?  You ever think someone somewhere might have actually spiked the batch, and added some other goodies whose side effects might surely end you up in the doctor’s office, or maybe even the hospital in your later years, only to be able to live out your life on a dozen or so prescriptions?  Remember, there is no money in healthy people!  Why would the bigger powers-that-be want people to be healthy?

A few days ago, I received a piece of regular snail mail from my health insurance company!  hummmmm…could they be raising my monthly premium again?  Reluctantly, I opened the envelope to discover a surprise…a coupon for one free flu shot for each member of my family at any location of my choice!  WOW…imagine that, they’re giving sickness away for free!  I’ve always believed that if something is too good to be true, it’s not!

Don’t you ever wonder why health officials are pushing the flu vaccine every place you look?  They even make it look like it’s a fun thing to do!  Did you ever see the commercial with the elderly lady riding a scooter through her favorite drug store?  Well she’s got a smile on her face like the cat who just ate the mouse!  I wonder how much she got paid to smile like that!

Speaking of health officials, I do understand that employees of the medical profession certainly think otherwise and deny any conspiracy!  I respect what they believe!  We are all entitled to our own opinions after we’ve been educated.  Not everyone thinks like me, but I’m sure there are many who do!   I am forever grateful we have choices!!! So tell me, is there really such a thing as peace of mind after getting a flu shot?  Let us know how you feel?